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All Saints Catholic School Wellness Policy on Nutrition and Physical Activity

Healthy School Environment:

All Saints Catholic School recognizes the critical role its staff has in creating a healthy environment for the prevention of childhood obesity and combating problems associated with poor nutrition and lack of physical activity.  This policy requires all members on staff of the school and community to encourage and maintain a healthy environment that enhances maximum student well-being. 

School meals are monitored by adults both serving the portions and teachers on duty to enhance the best nutritional choices made by the students.  Students are encouraged to eat from all nutrition categories, especially fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition Education:

The primary goal of nutrition education is to influence student’s eating behaviors.  All Saints promotes nutrition education throughout its curriculum program at All Saints.  These curriculum experiences are incorporated in all class room activities to provide the knowledge and skill necessary to make necessary food choices for a lifetime.

  • Health units from science in each class may discuss the food categories
  • 8th grade bake sales are offering juices boxes and healthy snacks in favor of sugar loaded baked goods.
  • P.E. classes offer a variety of wellness inserts from SPARK curriculum lessons that encourages well-being, e.g. water provides hydration for cracked lips and dry skin.
  • Expose students to Internet activities and information about healthy life styles such as mypramid.org
  • Go Noodle activities are used in many class rooms to allow students to get up and stretch, or for brain breaks from academics.  Getting the body moving helps with academic success.

Physical Activity:

The primary goals are to offer opportunities for students to experience a variety of physical activities and to teach the value of consistent movement for better health, academic success and general personal well-being.

All grade levels have at least 30-minute daily recess with the exception of Junior High:  15 minutes is offered.  Primary students have structured physical education classes three times weekly, intermediate grade two times weekly and Junior High students two times weekly.  Each session is taught by a licensed Nebraska Physical Education teacher.

Water bottles are part of each PE class requirement; each student is allowed during the cool down phase of class to drink water before proceeding to their next class.  Physical Activity to promote health is part of every class taught at All Saints.  All Saints provides and promotes opportunities for physical activity through out the school day and offers after-school programs.

  • Students are involved in after school care provided by Completely Kids.
  • organized sports offered include, volleyball, basketball, archery and soccer. 
  • Many students are involved in one of the many activities. 

Nutrition Standards:

Student’s lifelong health and nutritious eating habits are greatly influenced by the types and choices of foods and beverages available to them.  School meals meet the federal program requirements and nutritional standards set by federal program requirements.  Students are encouraged by teachers and staff to eat well to stay well.  The school does not offer vending machine sales of any kind.  Each student is offered well balanced meals and are also encouraged to eat well balanced meals in the home, especially fruits and vegetables. 

  • Students are encouraged to try new foods.
  • Cafeteria is monitored by staff to ensure students eat in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.
  • School breakfast and lunches will be appealing and attractive to children. 

Other School Based Activities:

All Saints will promote an environment which provides consistent wellness messages that are conducive to a healthy eating lifestyle and being physically active.

  • Posters have been created throughout the school year to encourage healthy eating choices by the students.
  • P.E. gym classes offer posters to promote physical activity and well-being.
  • Teachers will not use physical activity as punishment for uncompleted work.
  • Parents are encouraged to pack healthy lunches for a healthy diet through the school’s newsletter.
  • Classroom celebrations are encouraged to keep sugar loaded snacks to a minimum, other choices are encouraged, e.g. Popcorn, juice boxes, etc.

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