Special Notice

Students with last name starting with A-J come to school on Mondays and Tuesdays. Remote learning: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Students with last name starting with K-Z come to school on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Remote learning: Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

 Daily Assignments are due by 5:30 PM the same day!!


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Our Staff



Ms. Terri Bush Principal terri@allsaintscs.org
Fr. David Korth President of CUES School System dmkorth@archomaha.org
Fr. Damien Zuerlein Pastor of St. Frances Cabrini Church djzuerlein@archomaha.org


Office Staff

Staff Role   E-mail
Mrs. Kate Diaz Office Manager kdiaz@allsaintscs.org
Administrative Assistant 
Mrs. Lisa Jackson Marketing & Recruitment Director ljackson@allsaintscs.org

Mr. Ed Butler

Mr. Jim Swanson 

I.T. Director

Student and Family Support Services Director




Lunch Room Staff

Staff Role E-mail
Mrs. Annie Sabaliauskas Lunch Director
Mrs. Amanda Hunt Lunch Assistant


Primary Grades - Cabrini Parish Center

Staff Role   E-mail
Mrs. Miki Theiler Pre-K 3/4 year old  mtheiler@allsaintscs.org
Mrs. Colleen Botsios Pre-K 3/4 year old  preschool@allsaintscs.org
Mrs. Kourtney Brodin Kindergarten



Primary Grades - All Saints Catholic School

Staff Role   E-mail
Mrs. Brandi Klassen-Davis 1st Grade bklassen@allsaintscs.org
Mrs. Karen Avila 2nd Grade kavila@allsaintscs.org


Intermediate Grades

Staff Role E-mail
Mrs. Melissa Hinkle 3rd Grade mhinkle@allsaintscs.org
Ms. Burgundy Ohle 4th Grade bohle@allsaintscs.org
Ms. Colleen Barrett 5th Grade Cbarrett@allsaintscs.org


Middle School

Staff Homeroom Classes   E-mail
Mr. Steven La'Fleur 6th Grade Science
Social Studies
Mrs. Amy Hornberg 7th Grade Math
Ms. Jackie Slade 8th Grade Reading


Specialized Teachers

Staff Role   E-mail
Mr. Mark Morello Music 

Mrs. Jennifer Nymann Literacy Coordinator
Ms. Amanda Kritzer Technology/Librarian/STEM akritzer@allsaintscs.org
Ms. Theresa Kehler P.E.  tkehler@allsaintscs.org
Mr. Diran Missak Completely Kids 
Before & After School Program
Mrs. Maureen Raven Paraprofessional
Nate Jackson and Joe Hunt Janitorial Staff
Angelica O'Brien Counselor
Mary Dowd Paraprofessional
Dakota Harper Teacher Assistant



PAC - Parent Ambassador Committee (volunteers) 

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Karen Avila
Adriana Soto
Karen Turner

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