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Kaleidoscope 2018 - April 28 at 6pm. Reserve Seats Here

Early Dismissal following May Crowning - Thursday, May 4. Students dismissed at 10:30 am at St. Joseph's

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Here is a list of events taking place during this week:

Saturday, January 27 / Sunday, January 28

Poster/Banners being hung in the churches for Catholic Schools Week and pencil flowers will be placed at the back of the churches with messages of thanks attached.

Monday, January 30

Daily prayer will take place each morning led by Mrs. Wittenbach

Spelling Bee to be held in the afternoon. (Time will be announced)

Today is Favorite T-shirt/Jersey Day. Shirts may not contain violence, slander, alcohol/cigarette advertisement and no rips or holes. Tops can be worn with blue jeans for $1.00 contribution to the Bishop's fund.

Tuesday, January 30

Tuesday is Goofy Hat Day with your uniform

Magician Jeff Quinn - Magic Show 2:00 - 2:50pm




Wednesday, January 31

Uniform Day - 8th grade may bring extra clothes for the volleyball game

9:30 - Mass at Holy Name and Pictures after 

11:00 - Lunch


15 - Josh Jones Creighton University

12:45 - Volleyball games in the Holy Name gym

2:00 - Load bus to return to All Saints

No Pre- K @ 11;15

Thursday, February 1

8th Grade Banner and Carrier need to be @ Cathedral early.

8th grade Mass @ Cathedral – They will be going out to eat lunch after Mass at Spaghetti Works with Mr. Burki - students do NOT need to bring money.

Afternoon All School Scavenger Hunt/Escape Room

Friday, February 2

All School Mass – Spirit Day for Bishop's Fund

Luncheon is 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. w/8th Grade Bake Sale; 5th& 6th Grade Setup at 10:30 a.m. & Clean up after; 7th Grade takes tickets and serves

Talent Show - 1:45 pm. Auditions will be announced by Mr. Morello

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Kaleidoscope 2018

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