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Completely Kids

The Completely Kids program began working with All Saints at the start of the 2016-2017 school year.  This program is currently held across the street from the school at the Cabrini Parish Center after school.

Led by Diran Missak, and with the help from others, they work with students after school on their homework, make crafts, and attend events.

Here is information about "Mr. D" found on the Completely Kids website:

Before piloting our program at All Saints School in fall of 2016, Diran worked at CK Highland as a Program Support Staff and Lead Staff, as well as for our curriculum manager as the Lead Curriculum Team Intern. “Completely KIDS has given me the opportunities to work with kids and help them develop educational and social/emotional skills,” Diran says. He hopes to continue to make a difference in his full-time role at CK All Saints. Personally, Diran comes from a large family, where he’s the third oldest of 8, and the oldest and youngest are only 10 years apart. He’s an avid disc golfer, not to be confused with Frisbee golf or frolf, and enjoys playing soccer.

We hope to bring more information on this program to our website.

For more information on Completely Kids, please visit their website or Facebook page.

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