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Sycamore Education

All Saints Catholic School elected to start using Sycamore Education as a way for teachers to keep their classroom paperwork more organized, a way for parents to keep up-to-date with the progress their child(ren) are making, and to open communication between teachers, staff and parents.

Mr. Marlan Burki, Principal, has asked that ALL parents to please utilize Sycamore more often, preferably every day, as teachers can be sending very important information in regards to the class or for a particular student.

Some of the benefits of using Sycamore include the following:

  • Information online, anytime - Sycamore Education is truly web based, which means you can stay connected and informed from any computer with an internet connection.  In January 2012, Sycamore has gone mobile with their new mobile website.
  • Attendance - Easily check attendance in real time.
  • Grades - No more wondering how your student is performing, or waiting for report cards.
  • Assignments - Parents can easily check on assignments, due dates and much more.
  • Pass-A-Note - This is one of Sycamore's most popular items.  The Pass-a-Note (PAN) feature makes it easy for parents to communicate with teachers and staff, without having to call, leave a message and wait for a response.  PAN's can even be sent as text messages to your cell phone.  Unlike e-mail, PAN's eliminate the risk of viruses, and they allow the sender to confirm that the message was delivered.
  • School Documents - Easily access school and classroom documents anytime online.  Print permission slips, download newsletter and handbooks.  We help schools save money on paper (and we help save the environment too)
  • Student Directory - Quickly and conveniently view all the students in a class or grade level.
  • School and Classroom Photos - View all the photos that teachers have uploaded to their classroom homepages - field trips, class projects etc.  Schools can post photos of sporting events, activities, plays etc.
  • Family Account Balances - View real time information and balances on tuition, cafeteria, and other fees, and easily make payments online - just like online banking (payments may be a feature in the future).

Mr. Burki has indicated that the school with be using Sycamore much more frequently in order to use the system to its fullest.

To access Sycamore, click here.  Important information that you will need to know to log-in:

  • School ID is 1188 (not needed if you click from a link from the ASCS website)
  • User ID
  • Password

Starting in 2012, Sycamore announced, on their Facebook page, that teachers, parents and students would be able to access some of their information on their web enabled mobile phone.  You can access the website by clicking on the "Mobile" link on the home page under the Sycamore Logo, or by clicking here.  As of January 3, 2012, available features include:  School News, School Events, Lunch Menu, My Students and My Accounts.  As soon as more features become available via Sycamore, we will list them on our webpage.  In the first part of 2013, Sycamore became available to download as a FREE app for your Smartphone (iPhone not available at this time).

You can receive an e-mail when someone sends you a Pass-A-Note via Sycamore? Also, if the other person has their e-mail in the system, you can reply via e-mail to the sender as well!!!  Go to the "Pass-A-Note" menu on the left hand side and select "Options". Under forwarding options, you will then have the option of forwarding the Pass-A-Note. Just input your e-mail address and click "Update" at the top. Now, you will receive PAN's via e-mail in real time!!!  There is no need to check into Sycamore everyday, to see if your student's teacher has sent you a message. If the teacher (or other faculty member) has their e-mail address set up, then all you would need to do is reply to the e-mail to send a message directly back to the sender.

If you are having problems with your login information or have any other questions regarding Sycamore, please contact us at office@allsaintscs.org.

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