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Pre-K & Kindergarten Round up is February 28th

 Registraciones para Pre-k & Kindergarten son el 28 de febrero


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Priorities in enrollment at All Saints Catholic School will be based on the following guidelines:

  1. Active Catholic family (pastor and principal) residing within or outside the All Saints Catholic School boundaries, with children already enrolled
  2. Active Catholic family (pastor and principal) with a family history of enrollment
  3. Active Catholic family (pastor and principal) and based upon interview with the principal and review of records from previous school
  4. Non-active parishoners

Kindergarten students must be at least five (5) years old by July 31.

Mid-year enrollment is subject to principal approval.  Enrollment may be denied if classes are at full capacity.

Re-entry enrollment is subject to approval of the pastor and principal, and not guaranteed.  To ensure academic and behavioral stability, enrollment may be denied for a new and/or re-entry student, especially in the junior high grades.

The pastors of All Saints Catholic School state specific admission criteria for their parish families.  Parents shall contact their pastor in the spring prior to the start of the school year to discuss these criteria.  Admission is on a year-to-year basis.

All Saints Catholic School reserves the right not to enroll a particular student if, in the opinion of the principal, such enrollment is not in the best interests of either school's staff or students.

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