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Our Staff


Staff Role Years at
All Saints
Mr. Marlan Burki Principal 12 marlanburki@yahoo.com
Fr. David Korth CEO of CUES 2
Fr. Damien Zuerlien St. Frances Cabrini 3 djzuerlein@archomaha.org


Office Staff

Staff Role Years at
All Saints
Mrs. Mary Lett Office Manager 13 mlett@allsaintscs.org
Mrs. Colleen McLeay Development Director 5 csmcleay@allsaintscs.org
Mrs. Kate Diaz Office Assistant 2 ksabaliauskas@allsaintscs.org
Ms. Lisa Jackson Recruitment Director 1 ljackson@allsaintscs.org


Lunch Room Staff

Staff Role Years at
All Saints
Mrs. Annie Sabaliauskas Lunch Director 3
Miss Amanda Hunt Lunch Assistant 2


Primary Grades - Cabrini Parish Center

Staff Role Years at
All Saints
Mrs. Miki Theiler Pre-K 3/4 year old 
(Tues, Thur)
26 mtheiler@allsaintscs.org
Mrs. Colleen Botsios Pre-K 4/5 year old 
(Mon, Wed, Fri)
15 preschool@allsaintscs.org
Mrs. Kourtney Brodin Kindergarten 4
(9 total)


Primary Grades - All Saints Catholic School

Staff Role Years at
All Saints
Mrs. Brandi Klassen-Davis 1st Grade 10 bklassen@allsaintscs.org
Mrs. Karen Avila 2nd Grade 14 kavila@allsaintscs.org


Intermediate Grades

Staff Role Years at
All Saints
Mrs. Melissa Hinkle 3rd Grade 1 mhinkle@allsaintscs.org
Miss Burgundy Ohle 4th Grade 2 bohle@allsaintscs.org
Miss Laurel Englum 5th Grade 2 lenglum@allsaintscs.org


Junior High

Staff Homeroom Classes Years at
All Saints
Ms. Colleen Barrett 6th Grade Science
Social Studies
1 cbarrett@allsaintscs.org
Mrs. Amy Hornberg 7th Grade Math
10 ahornberg@allsaintscs.org
Ms. Jackie Slade 8th Grade Reading
7 jslade@allsaintscs.org


Specialized Teachers

Staff Role Years at
All Saints
Mr. Mark Morello Music 
Library Coordinator
17 mmorello@allsaintscs.org
Mrs. Jennifer Nymann Reading Coordinator 18
Ms. Amanda Kritzer Technology 2 akritzer@allsaintscs.org
Ms. Theresa Kehler P.E. 
Bus Driver
13 tkehler@allsaintscs.org
Mr. Diran Missak Completely Kids 
After School Program
Maureen Raven Teacher Assistant
Nate Jackson Janitorial
Susan Sieczkowski Counselor 4
Mary Dowd Teacher Assistant
Dakota Harper Teacher Assistant


Sports Club (volunteers)

The Sports Club is responsible for overseeing athletics at All Saints.  If you have any questions about All Saints Athletics, contact them at sportsclub@allsaintscs.org.

Staff Role E-mail
Contact us
if interested
Athletic Director
John Mulligan Acting Athletic Director
Vice President
Rick Greenhagen Secretary
Shawn Winquest Treasurer swinquest@allsaintscs.org


Home & School Board (volunteers)

Visit our Home & School page

Staff Role
Karen Avila President
OPEN Secretary
Karen Turner Treasurer

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