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The mission of All Saints Catholic School is to create a safe learning environment for our culturally diverse students.  We strive to meet Archdiocesan and Nebraska State Standards as determined by ongoing assessments.  We commit to recognizing and nurturing individual academic abilities while supporting the intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual growth of each student.  Our goal is to guide students toward fulfilling their God-given potential.

All Saints Creed

I believe that I have been created by God out of love and with a purpose that I can only serve.  My goal in life is to develop my God-given talents and respond to God's love by serving others.  I respect the dignity of each and every person since we are all children of God.

I see to become a graduate of All Saints School who lives by Christian values, excels in academics and has the motivation and the ability to become a responsible, self-sufficient citizen.

As a student, I am now developing skills, attitudes and habits that will serve me for a lifetime.  I promise that each day shall be gained, not lost, used, not thrown away.

I will accept that consequences if I choose the easy road of immediate reward.  I have the right to fail, but I do not have the right to take my teacher and other people with me.  I am responsible for my choices; I will make no excuses.  God made me captain of only one life, my own.

This is my time and my place.  I accept the challenge.  It is my choice.

Class Size / Curriculum

With approximately 160 students, and an average class size of 16, All Saints provides students with a personalized teaching environment that fosters success.

The curriculum at All Saints incorporates a strong reading and math emphasis, grounded by religious values.  Children in Preschool through 8th Grade are individually challenged based on their academic development and learning style.

  • All students participate in technology classes taught in a state-of-the-art computer lab.
  • A guided reading program helps students develop skills to advance their reading level.
  • A comprehensive math program taught daily in every grade level ensures students will have the math abilities needed to succeed.


Located south of the Old Market in Downtown Omaha, All Saints' student body embraces diversity and an environment in which each student's heritage is celebrated and accepted.

All Saints draws support from a supportive and rejuvenated neighborhood.  Neighbor icons like Orsi's Bakery, The Sons of Italy and Christ Child Society have been joined by new construction of residential homes and condominiums, and the addition of new businesses.  Like All Saints itself, the neighborhood is on the move!

All Saints is a short distance from the Durham Museum, Grace University, Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, TD Ameritrade Park and CenturyLink Center.

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